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Choice for Your Family

At a time when your family is most vulnerable, “Homecare-Find” is here to ease your burden as much as possible.

24/7 Live in Care Introduction Agency.

As a Live-in care introduction agency, "HomeCare-Find" helps you find a suitable 


  1. CQC Regulated Care Agency


2. Self- Employed carers & house Keepers & Cleaners

CQC Regulated Care Agencies

We find and match vulnerable adults requiring Private home care to suitable 

Care Quality Commission regulated Care agencies.

Self - Employed Carer's & House Keepers

Homecare-find is dedicated to helping vulnerable people who need 24-hour home care, by introducing fully trained and vetted carers to live with them. 

We also introduce house keepers and cleaners 

We allow self employed carers, registered with us, to stay for up to 12 weeks at a time, thus there is continuity of care for our clients.

You choose a suitable and professional self-employed Live-in Carer, House keepers who you pay directly yourself each week.

Each carer will have the knowledge and experience needed to match the social needs, personality, health conditions and cultural background of your loved one.

Self-Employed Live in Carers

The carer is self-employed and the client, (or their family), gives the care instructions to the carer.

The role of Homecare-find's introductory service is to be an advisor to the client.

Homecare-find will offer advice and support on the setting up and management of the care service, but it is between the client and carer to decide the best course of action. 

Because the live-in carers work on a self-employed basis they will pay their own taxes, national insurance and be registered with HMRC.

The carer will be suitably insured, vetted and trained to meet the needs of the client but won’t be under the direct supervision and control of the introduction agency.

Introduction Fee

Homecare-find agency will invoice you for an agency introduction fee which is 15%, (including VAT), of what you pay the carer each week. 

In return you have the reassurance that appropriate checks and training is in place. 

Sick & Holiday Cover

Also Homecare-find will ensure that cover is provided if the carer goes off sick or needs a holiday.

YOU choose who to interview.

YOU choose Suitable, Quality and affordable carers

We are here to HELP YOU FIND  care of your CHOICE

CALL US TODAY ON : 01708 693 006 /07908 154 040

Website: www.homecare-find.com

Email: annette.a@btconnect.com